Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy 2011 babyssss !

So excited to see what 2011 has in store... !!

XoxoXo Blondes on a Budget (Lynn) <3

Ulta Haul!

Hey girls!

Lynn told you yesterday about how Ulta has a huge sale going of course I checked it out!
Here's what I got!
a 3 pack of combs and a 100% board hair bristle brush!!! (it was $10) And so far, I love it. It's so much softer than all the other boar brushes there. 

A two (full-sized) pack of UDPP! It was only $28 which is a saving of $10 

A lifetime supply of sponges and cotton rounds. hhaha! They were buy two get two free!

Some nyx lipliners (yes they are all brown's a phase) A jumbo lip pencil in chocolate and an eye pencil in cottage cheese. Yummy! btw all the eye pencils were on sale for $1.79

These brushes from studio basics were buy one get one %50 off. So I decided to try this line out. It was $13 for the 5 of these. 

So, I'm really excited to try out all of my Ulta purchases! Also, I'm trying the "high fashion messy bun" that Lynn blogged about earlier. I'm not crazy about it. I noticed that my face looks really square today too...maybe it's the "facelift effect" that updos like this have on you?

Hugs and happy new years!!!

<3 Jordan

Lynn's ten favorites from 2010

The Infinity Scarf
Can be worn so many different ways
I wear them all the time.
They've definitely been a huge staple in my wardrobe.

THE PHILLIES <3why yes... They'll always be my team.

                  Big Sunglasses (featured above and below on my BFF) I just love them... I'll never get over my love for huge sunglasses

God is always listening
Little Women
I have the pleasure of playing the lead role of Jo in my University's production of Little Women The Musical and I am stoked!!!

Le Shio (The New Asian Fusion Restaurant in DE)

Jordan and Kelly (My fellow blondes on a budget)

A Certain cute boy who surprises me MAC brushes and Lauren Conrad books and listens to me go on and on about make up and clothes <3

The City of Philadelphia...
<3 the city will never go out of style !!

What were your favorites from 2010?
xoxox Blonde(s) on a budget <3 (Lynn)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Small business lovin

Hey all!

I enjoy supporting small businesses as much as the next girl. It's even better when they have sales.
If you've ever heard of Danalajeunesse on youtube (she typically does more costume and ornate makeup tutorials) she recently posted a video about a sale on bubblebabez, her homemade soap business.

So, if you need any belated Christmas gifts, stock up!
I am ordering a few samples later today myself!

(This is their bath bomb in "Le Cougar".  It is made to smell like Chanel No. 5. They also have a soap called Pretty in Pink which is made to smell like one of Juicy Coutures perfumes)

Ulta... is having a sale......... (when aren't they)
mix and match or try out a brand you've never tried before
we love too-faced and urban decay!
xoxo blondes on a budget <3 (Lynn)

Forever21 SALE

Take advantage of this fantastic sale
there are some great tanks and layering tee-shirts.
Click me for awesome Forever21 sale!!!

Also, Aerie (the underwear / bra collection of American Eagle)
is having a HUGE sale !!!
Check it OUT
cheap bras!!

xoxoxo Blondes on a Budget

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Calling all VIP’s

Hey All!
If you have ever tried LORAC products but can’t stomach the price tag or you just have heard tons and would like to try them out, you will probably love this section of their site.
They have a “Last Call” for products they are discontinuing at some seriously deep discounts.
Check it out!
I think I’m going to try a few things later :)

Mac (et al) sale

Hey all!
Today appears to be the day of many sales.
You probably watch a lot of youtube beauty gurus and wonder “What do they do with all of that extra makeup they buy/get sent?”
Well Koren (EnkoreMakeup) is one of my favorite gurus and he, along with a couple others, are putting it to good use. They are putting their extra, unused, mac as well as some other professional brands such as Kryolan, up for grabs and donating the profits to charities.
You can find the website here: 

xoxo blondes on a budget (Jordan)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying the top knot...

It's winter break... Christmas is over and I'm hanging around my home town until I leave for vacation in a few weeks. My break so far has consisted of shopping, making returns, sleeping, reading, and going out to eat. (not so fun right?) While searching the internet I saw a couple of "how to" videos on a specific hairstyle that is totally perfect for lazy days OR winter nights out.
It's called the "Top Knot"
yeah, I know... I'm totally late on this
In my defense... I've been calling them "messy buns" or "sleek ballerina buns" for a while now
and I didn't know they were back in style.

Here is my take on the top knot...
I actually HATE the way I look with it.
My face is super long so the little ding on my head looks stupid.
I'm sure this look would look super cute on Kelly and Jordan (they were blessed with normal faces).
You never know what looks cute until you try it. Unfortunately, I tried and failed.
Let me know if you have better luck with this cute look!
xoxo Blondes on a budget <3 (Lynn)

Monday, December 27, 2010

BH Cosmetics Sale

BH is sending some discount love to their fans as well!
People rave about coastal scents palettes but these are great too!
Just add whatever you want to your cart (excluding the holiday specials) and the discount will be taken off :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Oh baby!
The Urban Decay website is dropping prices on some of their palettes. These look awesome :)
Go shop!! xoxo Blondes on a budget!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Your Avon Representative-Kelly

Hello Budgetistas!  Merry ALMOST Christmas!
So I am blogging this evening to let you know that I am OFFICIALLY an Avon sales representative!  I am SOOOO excited about this new opportunity!  I am a BIG fan of Avon cosmetics and especially the M.A.R.K. brand which serves a younger demographic.  If you would be interested in receiving mailings from Avon or placing an order you can either visit my website at or email me at  I cannot wait to start blogging about new products I try and I look forward to being your sales representative!  :)
Merry Christmas All!
Until Next Time!
Blondes on a Budget <3 (Kelly)

Monday, December 20, 2010

To ebay or not to ebay, that is the question

Hello Budgetistas!
If you’re like me or 95% of the people in the united states according to a poll I made up for this post, you’ve probably tried to find a deal for one thing or the other on ebay.
Just the other day I purchased a mini too-faced palette for $2 (yes, it’s the real thing).

But as far as beauty items and ebay, it’s strictly buyer beware!
Exhibit A:
April 2010. I found a ghd (the rolls royce of straighteners) on ebay for $140. That is incredible as the “Rare Styler” was sold out on the ghd site (It was my favorite design with the black and silver damask print). I bought it without hesitation.
After paying some extra for expedited shipping, the total came to $180.
At first unboxing, everything seemed perfectly fine. The box looked like a standard ghd box and it came with all of the amentities. I thought it was strange that it included brochures for the UK but didn’t fuss over it.
I first expected something was off after the second time I used it. I noticed that it didn’t stay heated and I would have to hold the arms shut and move around the cord to get it to heat up.
Long story short, because I trusted the buyer and missed the ebay time period for reporting a counterfeit item, I didn’t get a penny back.

Be extremely cautious when purchasing beauty items, especially when it appears as though you’re getting a super deal, from ebay.
Counterfeit items are not only unauthorized from the seller, whether it’s ghd, mac, or any other brand, they are not only counterfeit but because they are not genuine and authentic they do not have to go through the same safety standards and may cause harm (ie my fake ghd which had exposed wiring after just a few short uses)

Moral B:
Wait for the real thing!                                       
This is me + authentic ghd straightener from the store >>>>>
 (I’m wearing Ruby Pump from China Glaze)
Hugs and happy straight hair!
<3Blondes on a budget (Jordan)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

7 nail polishes for $23?

Ulta is constantly handing us good deals. 
Here is how I got 7 high end nail polishes (read not Sally Hansen) for $23, that’s an average of around $3 per bottle. 
Here are the colors I got:
Borghese Tuscano Nude
Borghese Blanco White
Borghese Clarite Top Coat
China Glaze Innocence
China Glaze Ruby Pumps
China Glaze Delight
Orly Shine 
First up was a Borghese French Tip kit that was on clearance for only $10.
Next was a “buy two get one free” deal for the  China glaze polishes for $13. 
You might be thinking “Hey now, that’s already $23.” Don’t worry we in no way, shape, or form support theft. 
Lastly was the most impressive, the orly polish was free!
Go here to print your coupon. Maybe, just maybe, your Ulta might have some left. 
I gave some away as gifts, but what I have tried is Ruby Pumps. Oh my! It is my new favorite red. It definitely needs two coats but its got that perfect red shade with just enough cute not annoying amount of red fine glitter in it. 
Hugs and cute nails!
<3 Blondes on a Budget (Jordan)

Look what my man got me for Christmas

Like I said in my last post... I got Christmas presents from some people a little bit early and I cannot wait to show them off. There are a lot of products that I received that I can't wait to review BUT today... my man bought me the MAC brush gift set. AHHH!
I screamed when I opened it for multiple reasons
1. I've been honestly searching for a small hip bag that I could take into the city. All it would need to hold would be cell phone, wallet, keys, and lip gloss... small stuff. So I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced little bag and I pretty much gave up on my search. 
--- BUT today when I opened my MAC present... I realized that the chic bag that the brushes came also came with straps to make a long hip bag... um.. cute! The bag is the perfect size and the perfect winter pattern to match a lot of my holiday dresses.
2. It comes with five brushes. Sure, the brushes are smaller in length but they are the exact same as MACs regular brush collection. The 187, 219, 209, 252, and the 168 are all included in this cute little case.

boyfriends/family members of girls who love makeup-- LISTEN HERE.
One MAC brush alone costs around
$30 or more... Look into getting this gift...where you get five brushes for basically the price of one.

I'm obviously stoked about it and can't wait to do my make up tomorrow morning!! Agh!

xoxo Blondes on a budget (Lynn)


Monday, December 13, 2010

It's FINALS week here at school...
I can't wait until I'm home and can blog properly about all the cute
little gifts my budgeting besties gave me for Christmas this year.
Right now I am in the library trying to write papers and freezing my bum off.
I'm cold. but thankfully my skin isn't dry or itchy because....
I've been using Aveeno lotion!
Let me just tell you how much I love it.
I put it on after I shower at night and it almost immediately takes my dry skin itch away.
The product also keeps my skin hydrated for hours.
<--- Here is a picture of me posing with my new winter skin saving BFF.
Please do not look at my awful hair or make up
Give me a break on my appearance lol (IT IS finals week after all)

soft skin and comfy hoodies, xoxo blondes on a budget (Lynn)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

my best budget purchase EVER!

                                                                         Hey budgetistas :)
If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve probably thought about flea markets and yard sales with contempt or at least a wrinkled nose.Finding nothing but stinky lazy boys and old ugly paintings. I mean, come on, they are FLEA markets.
That was until one day a college friend of mine invited me to go yard sale hopping with her.  Then I found this little white gem.
I learned that the secret to finding cool things is to going to either upscale townhouse developments or just finding houses in nicer areas. This was found at a really ritzy townhouse development. It was an old spice rack and the lady said “I just don’t want to clean it up”
So, 5 minutes of elbow grease and this gleaming rack was on my dresser ready to be adorned. Oh, it was only 5 dollars. It was probably the best $5 I’ve ever spent!
Hugs and cute yard sale finds

<3 Blondes on a Budget (Jordan)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have always wanted a pair of Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats. Unfortunetly, I never got a pair because I couldn’t will myself to spend over $30. BUT… right now Vicky’s is having a great sale and they’re only 25! HOLLA. It’s coming towards the end of my college semester and sweats are all I want to wear. Finally I can rock these puppies for a price that I want to pay. I’m ready to kick finals in the BUTT.

I forgot!
FOREVER21 is having a really good sale…
I’m really into open cardigans and bright leggings right now.
Unfortunately, I’m saving money for Christmas, so I’ll have to live through you.
Check it out, Blondes on a budget <3 (Lynn)