Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Forever 21 Spring Sale

Hello there budgetistas!

So it's that time of year... tax return season!! What better time than to find GREAT deals shopping right??  A lot of stores are transitioning into spring attire for the new season which means it is the perfect opportunity for us to be on the prowl!  During my regular online shopping (during class....)  I stumbled upon Forever 21's SPRING SALE!

The opening banner for the website announces that there are over 2000 new pieces in the Spring line which means they are cleaning out their current stock, which is great news!! There are hundreds of pieces that need to be added to my wardrobe, and I am sure you can find a few things too!  I am definitely looking for layering pieces and maybe a cute dress!

What are you looking for?? Any other Spring sales you want to spread to the rest of our style community?

Till next time!
Kelly <3 Blondes on a Budget


  1. OMG! Thanks for the sale reminder!

  2. Thanks for the notice
    Im so happy we can get Forever21 over here now too :)

  3. I love Forever 21!!
    My absolute favorite store and never miss a sale!

  4. We don't have forever 21 yet in Belgium, hope it comes soon x

  5. Oh, I had no idea! I need to check their sale out asap!

  6. i LOVE forever 21! their sales are always the best!


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