Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pre Thanksgiving Cleaning

For a bunch of reasons, my family has decided to have Thanksgiving dinner TOMORROW.
Bummer right? Thanksgiving on the biggest shopping day ever and I'm going to miss it. Oh well family first!!
This year the meal and family gathering will be taking place at my parents house.
During the school year, I live on campus and visit my house every other weekend.
Because I'm only home for two days at a time, my room sits and collects dust.
Yesterday I cleaned and did a bit of decorating... it took me almost the whole day.
I apologize for the horrible quality pictures but at least you can see my room decor.
I really like the way my room looks... My hardwork payed off and I am excited to show
my family that after a year of being in this house... my room is finally clean and decorated.


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