Sunday, October 17, 2010

Skin Doctor: Lemon Trick

Hey everyone!
My name is Jordan. I’m Kelly and Lynn’s friend and also a blonde on a budget! I’ll be a guest contributor on their blog from time to time on primarily beauty items, as I am a freelance makeup artist!
Have you ever just stood in the face wash aisle and stood in awe of how many options there are for exfoliators? I have to. And I have never found one that I truly liked until this one.
Here’s what you need:
Cotton round or ball. Lemon juice (fresh or from a bottle is fine). White Sugar.
Here’s what you do:
(remove makeup first)
Warm up face with warm water first to open up your pores.
Take a cotton round or ball.
Saturate your cotton with lemon juice.
Sprinkle sugar on top of it.
Then scrub all around your face in a small circular motions. Concentrating in the areas where you may have more acne or blackheads.
Then rinse your face off!
The acids in the lemon juice contains AHA’s and BHA’s that help remove dead skin cells and kill bacteria. The sugar also removes dead skin cells but also softens your skin. Yay!
If you have sensitive skin, you can use an orange because it’s less acidic than a lemon.
I recommend doing this about 3-4 times a week.
(yes, I did learn this from guru Kandee Johnson)

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