Thursday, January 13, 2011

In a few hours, I'll be in Tennessee :D!!

I just wanted to show you guys the things that I believe are a must on the plane.
aka: items that aren't in my carry-on or regular luggage aka: the items in my PURSE.

I'm also super excited to show off my new bag from H&M (which I got today YIPEE).
My airport must haves::
1. Wallet-- DUH! ID. Money. Passport. keys. The essentials)
2. My Nook.-- Gotta read something.
3. LipGloss. -- My lips get SO dry on the plane so I have an assortment of lip care items to hydrate them.
4. Gloves-- I get cold. I also will be wearing a huge scarf.
5. Wisps.-- Do you know what these are... they're like mini toothbrushes. complete with toothpaste. I mean come on, these are necessary!!
6. A waterbottle. (I'm stupid. I just remembered that they'll take this away two minutes after I arrive. UGH)
7. I will probably buy a waterbottle.
8. SUNGLASSES!! Hopefully the south will be sunny.

I really enjoy the sights and sounds and the hustle and bustle of the airport so I'm content with a small amount of stuff to keep me entertained.

What are your traveling essentials?

See ya in Tenny!
xoxoxo Blondes on a Budget <3 (Lynn)


  1. Love that bag from H&M! I've been meaning to pay my local H&M a visit but haven't had the time to. I think you've got all the essentials covered in your purse. Have a wonderful trip to Tennessee!
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  2. Have an amazing time in Tennessee, dear! I love your H&M bag; it's so chic.
    xo Josie

  3. Love the bag!!
    Have a great time in Tennessee.

  4. the bag looks lovely, have a nice weekend ! x

  5. Your bag is so pretty
    Have a lovely trip

  6. Fun! I've never been on a plane so I dunno what my essentials are

  7. Oh this is pure awesomeness! LOVE the bag...and I totally feel you about being prepared!

  8. Have fun in Tennessee!! I always forget something at home when i got to the airport lol. Maybe i should keep this list!

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    Confessions Of A City Girl

  9. That bag is so cute! I have actually never been on a plane before. Hopefully I will someday soon! Have a great time on your trip. By the way you girls won a stylish award from me on my blog. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  10. Loving the bag!! my must have for plane is my sunglasses!!

  11. I'm in love with wisps! They are must haves! I hope you had safe travels :)