Sunday, January 2, 2011

There's an entire section of the makeup area at Target dedicted to ELF

That's right... The bargain makeup brand "Eyes Lips Face" (ELF) has it's own section in my Target!
Because I'm trying to save my money for my upcoming Tennessee vacation, I limited my spending and only bought four things.

1. Makeup removing cloths -- (I think I reviewed these in an earlier post. I don't LOVE them but I feel like I need to buy them all the time... when I run out I feel lost)
2. Lip Stain and Gloss duo -- the color is like a bubblegum pink and it doesn't exactly stain my lips but I LOVE THIS THING. Seriously, it just makes my lips feel healthy and it give me just the right amount of color. One duo costs about $3.00. They're apart of the studio line.
3. Liner and Shadow Duo in Black. -- I bought this because I wanted to try another kind of liner. (I'm all about liquid right now) This liner is sort of like a small crayon or a thick colored pencil... It's super black which I like but within five minutes it'll show up on the top of your lid. The shadow color is nice too, kind of like a charcoal or something, but within five minutes it'll be caked in your crease. I don't love it... I gotta try it more.
4. Liner and Shadow Duo in Purple. -- Same review as above just make sure you use eye-makeup remover to completely get it off or you'll wake up looking like a crack head.

I honestly enjoy buying makeup and trying different looks

and with ELF I honestly like more products than I dislike (just not this time lol)
It's nice because I didn't spend an arm and a leg on any of these products.

Let me know if you've found any makeup winners or losers!!

xoxo Blondes on a Budget (Lynn) <3


  1. I love the smudge pot from Pixie at target, they are my to go eyeliner

  2. I LOVE ELF makeup! So fun and inexpensive.
    xo Josie

  3. great post, i will need to try some of these items!

  4. i love elf cosmetics!