Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Organization: Another Beauty Must

Hello there budgetistas!  

I am so excited to share with you all my bargain finds for my makeup desk!  I am TOTALLY a visual person (which could explain why my clothes are always sprawled out over my room.)  When it comes to my makeup I like to be able to see everything to make the right color selection.  For a while I had a three-tiered carrying case from Target which is PERFECT for travel and was only $7!  

For Christmas this year I selected a nail polish rack from a nail salon distributer and found one for only $15!  It holds all brands including my favorite O.P.I. and other beauty tools too I have found!
I have been able to fit all of my favorite nail polish on it, with some room to spare for other products!  I also found the white and clear mini-drawer storage unit at the DOLLAR GENERAL for $5!  It is just as sturdy as any of the ones that you would find at Target!

And last, but not least, my favorite is the clear cotton pad holder next to it I got at CHRISTMAS TREE SHOPPE for $7!  It is a life saver let me tell you!  I never have to scrounge for cotton balls anymore!

What are some of your favorite bargain storage techniques?

Until Next Time!
<3 Blondes on a Budget (Kelly)


  1. wow this is great! what a deal , i want one too,it's easy to store and you have a good overvieuw x

  2. Ooh nice! I really need to find some organizers. Might have to order something from Ebay. I've looked all over for organizers here on Maui and we have nothing :(


  3. So I am def going to do this! I dont know what I would do without your blog! Your posts are amazing!

  4. You guys are great! Seriously, online shopping is the way to go! I have been looking for organizers forever! Christine- Ebay is a great place to check! Also, try and search makeup organizers, it will bring up random websites with links to great finds!