Sunday, December 12, 2010

my best budget purchase EVER!

                                                                         Hey budgetistas :)
If you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve probably thought about flea markets and yard sales with contempt or at least a wrinkled nose.Finding nothing but stinky lazy boys and old ugly paintings. I mean, come on, they are FLEA markets.
That was until one day a college friend of mine invited me to go yard sale hopping with her.  Then I found this little white gem.
I learned that the secret to finding cool things is to going to either upscale townhouse developments or just finding houses in nicer areas. This was found at a really ritzy townhouse development. It was an old spice rack and the lady said “I just don’t want to clean it up”
So, 5 minutes of elbow grease and this gleaming rack was on my dresser ready to be adorned. Oh, it was only 5 dollars. It was probably the best $5 I’ve ever spent!
Hugs and cute yard sale finds

<3 Blondes on a Budget (Jordan)

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