Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trying the top knot...

It's winter break... Christmas is over and I'm hanging around my home town until I leave for vacation in a few weeks. My break so far has consisted of shopping, making returns, sleeping, reading, and going out to eat. (not so fun right?) While searching the internet I saw a couple of "how to" videos on a specific hairstyle that is totally perfect for lazy days OR winter nights out.
It's called the "Top Knot"
yeah, I know... I'm totally late on this
In my defense... I've been calling them "messy buns" or "sleek ballerina buns" for a while now
and I didn't know they were back in style.

Here is my take on the top knot...
I actually HATE the way I look with it.
My face is super long so the little ding on my head looks stupid.
I'm sure this look would look super cute on Kelly and Jordan (they were blessed with normal faces).
You never know what looks cute until you try it. Unfortunately, I tried and failed.
Let me know if you have better luck with this cute look!
xoxo Blondes on a budget <3 (Lynn)


  1. Lynn you look very cute! though i don't think i can do this hairstyle with a buzz cut and all.

  2. My girlfriend loves to rock the "top knot"!

  3. i can't rock the top knot with my long face, lol. so i prefer a looser bun towards the back. i actually like yours!


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  5. Lynn you look adorable no matter what but i particularly like the look on you with your bangs down.

  6. you look fab! you look great with this "messy bun" hairstyle!