Friday, December 31, 2010

Ulta Haul!

Hey girls!

Lynn told you yesterday about how Ulta has a huge sale going of course I checked it out!
Here's what I got!
a 3 pack of combs and a 100% board hair bristle brush!!! (it was $10) And so far, I love it. It's so much softer than all the other boar brushes there. 

A two (full-sized) pack of UDPP! It was only $28 which is a saving of $10 

A lifetime supply of sponges and cotton rounds. hhaha! They were buy two get two free!

Some nyx lipliners (yes they are all brown's a phase) A jumbo lip pencil in chocolate and an eye pencil in cottage cheese. Yummy! btw all the eye pencils were on sale for $1.79

These brushes from studio basics were buy one get one %50 off. So I decided to try this line out. It was $13 for the 5 of these. 

So, I'm really excited to try out all of my Ulta purchases! Also, I'm trying the "high fashion messy bun" that Lynn blogged about earlier. I'm not crazy about it. I noticed that my face looks really square today too...maybe it's the "facelift effect" that updos like this have on you?

Hugs and happy new years!!!

<3 Jordan


  1. Love a great sale, looks like you got awesome stuff!


  2. looks amazing!
    happy new year x