Monday, December 20, 2010

To ebay or not to ebay, that is the question

Hello Budgetistas!
If you’re like me or 95% of the people in the united states according to a poll I made up for this post, you’ve probably tried to find a deal for one thing or the other on ebay.
Just the other day I purchased a mini too-faced palette for $2 (yes, it’s the real thing).

But as far as beauty items and ebay, it’s strictly buyer beware!
Exhibit A:
April 2010. I found a ghd (the rolls royce of straighteners) on ebay for $140. That is incredible as the “Rare Styler” was sold out on the ghd site (It was my favorite design with the black and silver damask print). I bought it without hesitation.
After paying some extra for expedited shipping, the total came to $180.
At first unboxing, everything seemed perfectly fine. The box looked like a standard ghd box and it came with all of the amentities. I thought it was strange that it included brochures for the UK but didn’t fuss over it.
I first expected something was off after the second time I used it. I noticed that it didn’t stay heated and I would have to hold the arms shut and move around the cord to get it to heat up.
Long story short, because I trusted the buyer and missed the ebay time period for reporting a counterfeit item, I didn’t get a penny back.

Be extremely cautious when purchasing beauty items, especially when it appears as though you’re getting a super deal, from ebay.
Counterfeit items are not only unauthorized from the seller, whether it’s ghd, mac, or any other brand, they are not only counterfeit but because they are not genuine and authentic they do not have to go through the same safety standards and may cause harm (ie my fake ghd which had exposed wiring after just a few short uses)

Moral B:
Wait for the real thing!                                       
This is me + authentic ghd straightener from the store >>>>>
 (I’m wearing Ruby Pump from China Glaze)
Hugs and happy straight hair!
<3Blondes on a budget (Jordan)

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